Kung Fu Movies

Who doesn’t love Kung Fu movies, right?!

Besides movies being fun to watch, they are actually a great educational resource to learn and discover applications of a martial art. Though most Kung Fu movies are made up of a variety of arts and styles, Tai Chi Chuan is often well represented and you will be surprised how many movies actually use actual applications and forms.

Though many action scenes are exaggerated and unrealistic, it is still fun to watch and to see if you can find actual moves you may even know yourself. Most actors in the movies are in fact accomplished martial artists themselves, like Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen and of course Bruce Lee.

Here are some of my favourite movies, many of them contain Tai Chi Chuan, but not necessarily all of them, in any case, have fun watching!

Kung Fu Hustle

What a great movie! Packed with martial arts fights and special effects, it is also quite hilarious. It is very much a comedy action movie and the fights start early into the movie.

It also stars many retired Kung Fu actors who go on to show that they still kick serious ass.

The movie is choreographed by Yuen Woo-ping, the legendary Hong Kong martial arts choreographer and film director who also choreographed the fights in The Matrix movies.

There is a character in the movie who uses Tai Chi Chuan, see if you can identify him!